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Brewery History: Issue 123 (Summer 2006)


Introduction p. 2
Contributors pp. 3-4
The Hop Trade in Southwark
S Humphrey
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pp. 5-13
Victorian Maltings in England, 1837 to 1914
A Patrick
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pp. 14-34
Ale and Farewell: the German style of brewery architecture
L Pearson
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pp. 35-43
Half and half to mother-in-law: a history of beer, 1837-1914
M Cornell
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pp. 44-54
The Sword and the Armour: science and practice in the brewing industry, 1837-1914
R Anderson
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pp. 55-82
Writing the History of the Local in Victorian London
DW Gutzke
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pp. 84-92
"Try the alternative": the built heritage of the temperance movement
A Davison
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pp. 92-109
The Vanishing Faces of the Traditional Pub
G Brandwood
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pp. 110-128