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In Germany - inspecting a fermenting vessel destined for Sierra Nevada.
A cartoon by Gordon Honeysett following a visit to the Bass No2 Brewery sample room. The author is shown in full flight with the redoubtable Sos Fearn serving the Draught Bass.
The author in full flight again – this time at Warsaw Castle.
Helping himself in Adnams’ sample store.

The following index shows the photographs taken by Roger Putman on behalf of the Brewer & Distiller International magazine.

The Brewer & Distiller International is the monthly technical magazine published by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling which is based in London but with a worldwide membership.

Roger worked for Bass for thirty years in various leading production roles and left as the company was slimming itself down to sell on to Interbrew in 1999. He then took on a series of training appointments, was a founding father of the Beer Academy and also organised the Brewing Industry International Awards culminating in taking the beer competition to the Drinktec exhibition in Munich in 2005.

He also found time to visit a series of breweries at home and abroad for the magazine. Starting with the Fed in Gateshead, Timothy Taylor, Hydes, Everards, Ringwood, Jennings and Brains. These breweries are absent from the galleries below as the photographs were taken on a steam driven camera and the prints have since been lost at the publishers. Digital technology came to the rescue in 2001 with Adnams and Holts and continued for another 363 folders containing over 75,000 pictures before he retired as the magazine’s editor at the end of 2014.

There are 175 breweries in the archive which is more than Alfred Barnard wrote up in the 1880s but Putman had to visit 79 overseas to beat him. A few UK breweries were not included but otherwise the B&DI has a full record of how Britain’s breweries managed their affairs in the early years of the twenty first century.

As an educational charity, the Institute of Brewing and Distilling wishes to make Roger Putman's collection of photographs accessible to a wide range of users while its own web site remains largely for the use of its members only. It is not intended for anybody to make commercial gain from these pictures but to extend the public benefit that a wider audience will bring. Researchers, authors or just browsers are welcome to inspect these valuable records of the recent past which will of course be the history of the future.

The images are fully copyrighted to Roger Putman, the Brewer & Distiller International magazine and the Brewery History Society.

No reproduction without permission will be permitted.

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