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Brewery History: Issue 147

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Temperance and Anheuser-Busch's Tatler, 1919-1924
M.O. Lamme
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pp. 2-16
The Farnham Whitebine hop
E. Wray
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pp. 17-22
Brewing in Belgium and Belgian beers
G.M. Johnson
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pp. 23-33
The history of Hudson's (Cambridge & Pampisford)
Breweries Ltd. - 1888-1931

K. Page
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pp. 34-50
Bohemian Breweries Limited (1889-1907):
An English brewery in Prague. Part I

P. Dyer
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pp. 51-73
'The brewery scheme is quite at an end'
C. Caplan
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pp. 74-77
Book review
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pp. 78-79