List of Barclay, Perkins & Co Ltd pubs

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The Anchor, Bankside, SE1
The Bird In Hand, Long Acre, WC2

Barclay, Perkins & Co. Ltd – PUBLIC HOUSES

A Subset of Public Houses

References are to records held at the London Metropolitan Archives for these public houses. There are similar records for other public houses as well as registers of deeds and leases and other associated papers and public house records in this series.

  1. Three Wheatsheaves, Upper Street, Islington (Deeds. 1889-1932.Ref ACC/2305/01/0985) See: Three Wheatsheaves, Islington
  2. Travellers Home, Prospect Place, Woolwich (Deeds and Papers.1807-1905. Ref ACC/2305/01/0986)
  3. The Two Chairmen, Warwick Street, Charing Cross (Deeds. 1869-1932. Ref ACC/2305/01/0990)
  4. Wagon & Horses, Newington Butts (Papers & Corres. 1936-1938. Ref ACC/2305/01/1028)
  5. White Horse, High Road, Lee, Kent (Deeds. 1895-1930. Ref ACC/2305/01/0991)
  6. The White House, 80 Liverpool Road, Islington (Deeds. 1897-1926. Ref ACC/2305/01/0992)
  7. Woodville Arms, 86 Mildmay Road, Stoke Newington (Deeds(fire damaged). 1862-1929. Ref ACC/2305/01/0995)
  8. Greycoat Boy, 92 Roan Street, Greenwich, London (Papers, Corres & Plans.1936-1939. Ref ACC/2305/01/1014)
  9. Gypsy Hill Hotel, Norwood (Papers & Corres. 1884-1896 &1935-1936 & 1936-1939. Refs ACC/2305/01/0901 & 1012 & 1013)
  10. Half Moon Hotel, Herne Hill (Papers & Corres. 1935-1939. Ref ACC/2305/01/1016)
  11. Hare and Hounds, Shepton Mallet (Conveyance.1861-1972. Ref ACC/2305/32/025)
  12. The Highlander, 89 Dean Street, St Annes, Soho (Papers &Corres.1935-1938. Ref ACC/2305/01/1017)
  13. The Beehive, Palmers Green Road, New Southgate (Lease and Mortgage.1897-1947. Ref ACC/2305/01/0877)
  14. The Crown, Lancaster Gate, London (Papers & Corres.1936-1939. Ref ACC/2305/01/1010)
  15. Dover Castle, Plumstead Road, Red Lion Wharf, Woolwich (Papers &Corres. 1904. Ref ACC/2305/01/0089/006)
  16. Father Red Cap, 319 Camberwell Road, Camberwell (Deeds. 1882-1941. Ref ACC/2305/01/0894)
  17. The George Canning, Grove Lane, Camberwell (Deeds and Papers.1886-1922& 1887-1926 Refs ACC/2305/01/0897 & 0898)
  18. George IV, Brixton Hill, Brixton, London (Deeds. 1896-1933. Ref ACC/2305/01/0899)
  19. George IV, Goswell Road, Clerkenwell, London (Deeds. 1899-1936. Ref ACC/2305/01/0900)
  20. Hoxley Tavern, Frehome Road, North Brixton, London (Deeds. 1898-1904. Ref D/9/12.)
  21. Kings Arms, 23 Poland Street, Soho, London (Deeds. 1881-1902. Ref E/17/3.)
  22. King and Prince of Wales, Brick Street, Piccadilly, London (Papers & Corres. 1936-1938. Ref ACC/2305/01/1018)
  23. New Cross Inn, New Cross Road, Deptford (Deeds. 1901-1919. Ref ACC/2305/01/0934)
  24. Nottingham Castle Ale House, Southwark (Deeds. 1679-1803. Ref ACC/2305/01/0790)
  25. Oxford Arms, Westminister Bridge Road, London (Papers. 1936-1939.Ref ACC/2305/01/1022). See: Oxford Arms, Lambeth North
  26. Prince George, Hillingdon Rd, Walworth (Deeds. 1845-1930. Ref ACC/2305/01/0939)
  27. Princess Alexandra, 198 St Georges Road, Peckham (Papers & Corres. 1934-1938. Ref ACC/2305/01/1024)
  28. Queens Arms, Portland Street, Walworth (Deeds. 1896-1897. Ref ACC/2305/01/0946)
  29. Queens Head, 2 Great Guildford Street, Southwark (Tenancy Agreement. 1896-1943. Ref ACC/2305/01/0947)
  30. Queens Head, Keppel Terrace, 27 Tryon Street, Chelsea (Deeds. 1859-1978. Ref ACC/2305/01/0948). See: Queens Head, Chelsea
  31. Red Cow, High Street, Peckham (Deeds. 1875-1918. Ref ACC/2305/01/0959)
  32. Red Lion (later New Dover Castle), Bridge Street (Marsh Gate), Lambeth (Deeds. 1886-1871. Ref ACC/2305/01/0960)
  33. Redcliffe Arms, Fulham Road, Kensington (Deeds. 1868-1933. Ref ACC/2305/01/0958)
  34. Rose and Crown, Union Street, Southwark (Deeds. 1820-1934. Ref ACC/2305/01/0964)
  35. Royal Archer, 1 Egmont Street, Hatcham (Deeds.1880-1926. Ref ACC/2305/01/0967)
  36. Royal Oak, Maid Lane, London (Deeds. 1718-1786& 1779-1822. Refs ACC/2305/01/813 & 812)
  37. Royal Mortar, Beresford Square, Woolwich (Deeds. 1893-1917& 1901& 1904 Refs ACC/2305/01/0971& 0996& 0089)
  38. Royal Tavern, 105–107 Albert Road, East Dalston (Deeds. 1882 -1931. Ref ACC/2305/01/0972)
  39. Salisbury Arms, Burdett Road, Stepney (Deeds. 1864-1911. Ref ACC/2305/01/0974)
  40. Salmon and Compass, Dorrington Street, Holborn (Deeds & Plan 1917, Inventory 1936. 1886-1956. Ref ACC/2305/01/0975)
  41. Sir John Falstaff, 29 Catherine Street, Strand (Deeds / Leases.1883-1934 & 1920-1934 Refs ACC/2305/01/0977 & 0988)
  42. Sussex Arms, Grove Road, Islington (Deeds. 1867-1933 & 1918-1929. Refs ACC/2305/01/0982 & 0983)
  43. Boileau Arms, 1 Lonsdale Road, Barnes (Appeal against licensing justices. 1929. Ref ACC/2305/01/0998)
  44. Hanover Arms, 326 Kennington Park Road, Lambeth (Appeal against licensing justices. 1938. Ref ACC/2305/01/0998)
  45. The Thurlow Stag, 443 Norwood Road, West Norwood (Appeal against licensing justices. 1932. Ref ACC/2305/01/0998)
  46. The Abbey Hotel, West Twyford, Ealing (Estimates & Specs.1935-1936 &1937. Refs ACC/2305/01/1004 & 1005)

Other pubs owned by Barclay Parkins

  1. Green Man, 144 Essex Road, Islington, London N1. See: Green Man, Islington
  2. King Edward VII (former) (formerly Kings Head), 64 Barnsbury Road, Barnsbury, London N1. See: King Edward VII, Barnsbury
  3. Old Parrs Head, 66 Cross Street, Islington, London N1. See: Old Parrs Head, Islington
  4. Southgate Arms, 1 Southgate Road, Hoxton, London N1. See: Southgate Arms, Hoxton
  5. Three Crowns, 8 East Road, Hoxton, London N1. See: Three Crowns, Hoxton