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Brewery History: Issue 182

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The Studley Brewery Company
I. Greig
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pp. 2-11
Farmhouse brewing in Estonia
L.M. Garshol and M. Samorokov
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pp. 12-22
Brewing for the Royal Navy in Portsmouth 1700-1756
M. Kelly and A. Plumbly
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pp. 23-31
Exploring the true origins of the Bavarian Brewery
and Anheuser-Busch

C. Naffziger
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pp. 43-50
The human face of the excise in the late
eighteenth century

M. Bird
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pp. 50-66
Book review [Download PDF]

Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost
Art of Farmhouse Brewing

By L.M. Garshol

A Natural History of Beer
By R. DeSalle and I. Tattersall

Beer: Taste the Evolution in 50 Styles
By N. Watson

Egypt's Beer: Stella, Identity,
and the Modern State

By O.D. Foda