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Brewery History: Issue 155

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This issue of Brewery History, edited by Professor Susan Appel, is
devoted to a historical exploration of an intriguing, if under examined, topic -
American brewery architecture. These buildings were often the most impressive
structures a US city possessed, both above and below ground. The first couple
of articles explore the subterranean remains of lager cellars, vital spaces
before the advent of artificial refrigeration. The third and fourth papers
deal with two of the most important and prolific brewery architects,
Edmund Jungenfeld and Otto C. Wolf. The final piece outlines the history of
Potosi Brewery, Wisconsin, through its founding, expansion, decline and
eventual restoration into a museum of brewing. It is hoped that together
these articles will offer a broad introduction to a fascinating subject.


S.K. Appel
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pp. 2-4
Stahlmann's Cellars: a large American
lagering cave from the 19th-century

G. Brick
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pp. 5-15
An examination of the Lemp Brewery Cave
C. Williams
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pp. 16-32
Edmund Jungenfeld of St. Louis and his
impact on 19th-century American
brewery architecture

S.K. Appel
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pp. 33-83
Otto C. Wolf: brewery architect
and engineer, Philadelphia, PA

R. Wagner
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pp. 84-105
Brewing returns to 'Good Old Potosi':
a restoration success story

D. Hoverson
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pp. 106-125