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Brewery History: Issue 141

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This special issue of Brewery History focuses on the
American brewing industry since the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.
With an introduction by Amy Mittelman, author of Brewing Battles -
A History of American Beer
, it brings together a diverse collection
of articles by a wide range of authors to provide a facinating insight
into the last 80 years of brewing in the US.


The American brewing industry since repeal:
large and small brewers

A. Mittelman
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pp. 2-4
Homebrew rendezvous
S. Calagione
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pp. 5-11
The Hudepohl Brewing Company of Cincinnati,
Ohio: a case study in regional brewery prosperity
and decline

T.J. Holian
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pp. 12-53
Consolidation in post-repeal American breweries:
the Atlantic Brewing/Bohemian Club example

H.W. Ronnenberg
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pp. 54-66
'Please give this matter your immediate attention:'
the complexity of brewing in Minnesota and
Wisconsin - 1933-1952

D. Hoverson
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pp. 67-101
The rise of packaged beer and the reordering
of the US brewing industry

M. Stack & M. Gartland
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pp. 102-127
Brewing in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest
F. Eckhardt
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pp. 128-140