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Brewery History: Issue 121 (Winter 2005)
Special theme issue: Brewing and science

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Tim Holt
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pp. 3-4
The Transformation of Brewing: An Overview of Three Centuries of Science and Practice
Ray Anderson
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pp. 5-24
Barley Breeding and Development in the UK, an Historical Perspective
Peter Brookes
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pp. 25-39
A Chapter in the History of Transfer of Information on Attenuation
Mikuláš Teich
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pp. 40-46
Brewing Science in the Netherlands, 1815-1914
Richard W Unger
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pp. 47-65
Early heat determination in the brewery
James Sumner
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pp. 66-80
A History of Brewing Science in the United States of America
Charles W Bamforth
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pp. 81-93
The History of Hop Breeding and Development
Peter Darby
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pp. 94-112
'Student': William Sealy Gosset (1876-1937) Brewery Manager, Chemist and Statistician
Philip Talbot
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pp. 113-117
Ian Morris Heilbron. 1886-1959
Alan H. Cook
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pp. 118-132