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Brewery History: Issue 113 (Autumn/Winter 2003)

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Messrs. George Peters & Co., Portsmouth
Pat Saunders
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pp. 2-12
Experiments to ascertain the State in which Spirit exists in fermented Liquors: with a Table exhibiting the relative Proportion of pure Alcohol contained in several Kinds of Wine and some other Liquors
William Thomas Brande, Esq FRS
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pp. 13-19
On the Acidity, Sweetness, and Strength of Wine, Beer and Spirits
H Bence Jones, MD, FRS
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pp. 20-23
Introductory Note to Accessions 2002
Julie Henderson
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pp. 23-27
Microbes and the Origins of Porter
Ray Anderson
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pp. 27-30
A Pint of Beer a Day
The Brewing Trade Review, April 1959
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pp. 31-32
The Organics of Beer
Ian P Peaty
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pp. 33-38
Brewing Anniversaries for 2004: a Selection
Ray Anderson
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pp. 39-55
Book Review: Well Furnished With Inns: Cobham’s Brewery, Inns and Public Houses (by David C. Taylor)
Jeff Sechiari
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p. 56
The Times, they are a Changing
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pp. 57-60