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Brewing Anniversaries for 2004: a Selection

Births & Deaths

1604   Births

Thomas Cole, founder of what became Cole & Co., Twickenham Brewery. The Cole family stayed in brewing until 1892, through eight generations. (BI p110-111).

1854   Births

Sir Edward Mann, Bt, partner in then chairman (1901-1943) of Mann, Crossman & Paulin Ltd., London, and Master of Brewers' Company (1899-1890). (JIB 1943 p274; BJ 1943 p906)

Dr Francis Wyatt, founder of the National Brewers' Academy (1887), New York City (BTR 1916 p253;BA 1917 p 61)


John Courage II, aged 64, son of the founder and partner (1811-1854) Courage, London (DC p18).

Samuel Gayfer, sole owner of the Sole Bay Brewery and maltings, Southwold, Suffolk - later Adnams & Co. Ltd. (BI p38).

Thomas Lees, son of the founder and partner in what would become J. W. Lees & Co., Greengate Brewery, Middleton, Manchester, under Thomas's son John William Lees. (BI p207; Cp64).

William Waldon, founder of the Lion Brewery, Hartlepool - subsequently J.W. Cameron & Co. Ltd. (BI p91).

William Younger III, aged 53, grandson of the founder and partner (1836-1851) William Younger & Co., Edinburgh. He took little interest in the brewery preferring the family estates. (GC p21, BI p383).

1904   Births

James Alexander Burns, Chief Chemist, Charrington & Co. Ltd., London (JIB 1976 P194). Jasper Beale Neame, chairman (1941-1961) of Shepherd Neame Ltd, Faversham, (SN p63).

Simon Whitbread, director of Whitbread & Co. Ltd. On death of his father (Samuel Howard) in 1944 Simon was passed over for the chairmanship in favour of his cousin W H (Colonel Bill) Whitbread. Simon&s son Samuel Charles became chairman in 1984 (UB p110, p132).


William Ansell, aged 60, chairman Ansells Brewery Ltd., Birmingham. In his will he bequeathed £10-£50 each to employees at the brewery depending upon length of service. (BTR 1904 p230).

Andrew Barlow, aged 84, founder of Victoria Brewery, Southampton. (BTR 1905 p119).

Spencer Charrington M.P., aged 86, chairman of Charrington & Co Ltd., a Vice-President of the Brewers' Society and father of the House of Commons at the time of his death. (BTR 1905 p64).

Francis Carr Cobb, aged 90, great grandson of the founder and former chairman of Cobb & Co., Margate. (BTR 1904 p513; BI p107).

Edward Courage, aged 71, partner (1856-1888) director and then chairman (1894-1904) of Courage & Co. Ltd., London, (BTR 1904 p322) (DC p32).

Robert Deuchar, aged 73, founder of Robert Deuchar Ltd., Newcastle and Edinburgh. (BTR 1904 p322).

Pierre Emil Ducleux, aged 63, director of the Pasteur Institute, Paris and former associate of Louis Pasteur (BTR 1904 p282).

James Eadie, aged 76, founder of Jas. Eadie Ltd, Burton upon Trent. (BTR 1904 p322).

Arthur Vickris Pryor, aged 88, partner (1839-1889) and then chairman (1889-1897) of Truman, Hanbury, Buxton & Co. Ltd., London and Burton upon Trent. Arthur was the second generation of the Pryor family to be associated with the firm. (BTR 1904 p430; TB p48, p52).

Charles Pearce Serocold, aged 76, former senior partner (retired 1886) of Reid & Co., London. (BA p67, WS p18).

Frederick R Stone, aged 49, head brewer of Robert Cain, Liverpool (1890-1900) and then Groves & Whitnall, Salford (1900-1904). (BTR 1904 p282). The unwitting producer of a large portion of the beer contaminated with arsenic which caused numerous deaths in 1900.

1954   Births

Richard Anthony Spencer Everard, chairman Everard's Brewery Ltd, Leicester. Born a Spencer, his mother was an Everard, and he changed his name as a teenager, succeeding his uncle, Anthony Everard, to the chairmanship in 1988 (EI pp53-55).

Jasper Jonathan Richard Guinness, prospective 4th baron Moyne, an 8th generation descendent of the founder of Arthur Guinness & Son (SS Table 5).


James Bird, aged 82, retired licensed victualler. Former proprietor of the Crown Inn and Crown Brewery, Bloxwich, Staffs, he was succeeded by his son, Norman, the 5th generation to run the pub brewery. (BG Mar 1954 p122).

Harold Edgar Dryden, aged 70, former chief chemist (1907-1948) of Samuel Allsopp & Sons Ltd and then Ind Coope & Allsopp Ltd., Burton upon Trent. (JIB 1954 p370).

John Gordon Daniell, aged 69, a director of Daniell and Sons' Breweries Ltd., Colchester and head brewer (1919-1954) Young & Co.'s Brewery Ltd., Wandsworth. (BTR 1954 p695; BG Oct 1954 p115; BJ 1954 p443; BGJ 1954 p446).

Christopher George, aged 76, former chairman (1919-1952) of the Bristol Brewery Georges & Co Ltd. (BTR 1954 p287; BG May 1954 p190; BJ1954 p190).

Jenkyn Arthur Griffiths, aged 56, retired general secretary (1921-1953) of the Operative/Incorporated Brewers' Guild. (BTR 1954 p561; BG Aug 1954 p128; BJ 1954 p336; BGJ 1954 p389).

Harold Heron, aged 74, brewers' consulting chemist, London, Manchester and Birmingham. (BTR 1954 p 107; BJ 1954 p579).

Arthur Mercer Jones, aged 73, chief chemist (1918-1954) of Newcastle Breweries Ltd and than man probably primarily responsible for the formulation of Newcastle Brown Ale. (BTR 1954 p883; BJ 1954 p580).

Edward Andrew Lovibond, aged 89, grandson of the founder, managing director (1895-1954) and chairman (1919-1954) of John Lovibond & Sons Ltd., Greenwich. (BTR 1954 p287; BJ 1954 p190; BG May 1954 p110).

William Toulston Riley-Smith, aged 63, chairman of John Smith's Tadcaster Brewery Ltd. (BTR 1954 p287; BJ 1954 p140; BG Apr 1954 p115 ).

Robert John Baker Storey, aged 80, former head brewer (1904), partner (1918) and director (1928) of Fuller, Smith & Turner, Ltd. (BTR 1954 p695; BG Oct 1954 p116; BJ 1954 p443).

Edward Murton Strouts, aged 85, former head brewer (1910) and brewery manager (1929-1945) of Watney, Combe Reid & Co., Ltd. (BTR 1954 p149; BG Feb 1954 p113; BJ 1954 p83; BGJ 1954 p52-54).

Robert Theakston, chairman and managing director (1920-1954) of T & R Theakston Ltd, Masham. (BG Nov 1954 p113; BJ 1954 p486).



1454   Rakovnik brewery, Bohemia. (WGB p26).

1754   The City Brewery, Durham Road, Houghton-le-Spring, Co. Durham, later Robinson Brothers (Brewers) Ltd. (C p90; BI p 280).

Henry Evans' brewery, High Street, Burton upon Trent. (BoT p 57).

1854 James Eadie's brewery, Cross Street, Burton upon Trent. (C p80; BI p133).

Sydney Evershed's brewery, Bank Square, Burton upon Trent. (C p80; BI p228).

Anne Elizabeth Knight's, Queen Street Brewery, Kings Lynn. (C p68; BI p109).

Linnell's brewery (later King's Royal Crown Brewery), Syresham, Northants. Approximate date. (C p71; F p303).

Henry Mitchell, senior, opened his business at the Crown Inn, Smethwick. His son Henry Mitchell, junior, later built the Crown Brewery next to the pub and when that became too small erected a new brewery at Cape Hill. (BI p236; MB p3).

Henry Overton's Royal Oak Brewery, Surrey Street, Croydon - renamed the Shirley Brewery in 1903 after the closure of the original brewery of that name. (C p55; BI p261).

Pontypridd Brewery Co. Ltd, Taft Street, Pontypridd. Approximate date. (C p27, BI p269). Brauerei Their, Dortmund, Germany. (BG Oct 1954 p31).

Ward's Brewery, Christchurch, New Zealand. (BG Sept 1954 p3; BM 1957 p345).

Robert Younger's brewery, Abbeyhill, Edinburgh. (C p60; BI p382).

1904   The Brewers' Society (the brewers' trade organisation) through the federation of the Country Brewers' Society (founded 1822), the London Brewers' Association and the Burton Brewers' Association. Its membership on formation was around 650 brewery firms. (BTR 1904 p141; BI p389).

The Institute of Brewing (a members organisation for the technical side of the industry) by amalgamation in January of four regional institutes (London, Yorkshire, North and Midlands). A Scottish Section of the Institute of Brewing followed in December. (JIB 1904 p1, 1905 p55; BI p390).

Pearce, Reynolds, Withers & Co. Ltd, County Brewery, Batheaston, Bath, by amalgamation of six local breweries owning 38 pubs between them. (C p1; F p14).

The South Western Breweries, Oudstshoorn, South Africa equipped with plant supplied by S Briggs & Co Burton upon Trent. (BTR 1904 p42).

1954   Al-Chark brewery, Syria. (WGB p26).

John Labbatt Ltd started construction of a new single story 250,000 brl per annum brewery in Montreal, Canada. (BTR 1954 p584; BG Sept 1954 p5).

The Pabst Brewery Company completed construction of a new brewery in Los Angeles, California, with a capacity of over one million US barrels per annum. Pabst now brewed their Blue Ribbon beer at four different sites spread across the American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific. (BG Jan 1954 p80).

The brewing equipment of the Fidelio Brewery, New York City, was moved to the town of Natanya in Israel and re-erected in new buildings. (BG Oct 1954 p99).



1854   The Brewery, High Street, Theale, Berkshire by the Blatch family. (Cp4, BI p74).

John Kendall junior/L. Laslett's, Wellington Brewery, Gravesend, Kent by Alexender Walker. (C p45; BI p347).

Charles Rowlls, Kingston Brewery, Kingston-upon-Thames with 90 pubs by William Hodgson. (C p57;BI p182)

John Standish's Pale Ale Brewery, Dorchester by Eldridge & Mason (later Eldridge Pope & Co.). (BI p135).

1904   Baldock Brewery Ltd, Pale Ale Brewery, Baldock, Herts with 22 pubs by Wells & Winch Ltd., Biggleswade, Beds. (BI p160; Cp 39; F p8)(BI p160; Cp 39; F p8)

Robert Brogden, Sons & Co. Ltd., Tockwith, nr York, with 50-60 pubs by John J Hunt Ltd., Ebor Brewery, York. (BTR 1904 p360; C p103; F p311).

Canton Cross Brewing Co., Cardiff, by Wm. Hancock & Co Ltd., Cardiff. (BTR 1904 p281; C p28; F p381)

George Dalrymple & Co., Home Brewery, Glasgow by Gordon & Blair Ltd. (C p82; F p370).

Ealand's Brewery, Southwell, Notts with 10 pubs by J Marston, Thompson & Son Ltd., Burton upon Trent, Staffs. (C p73; BI p228).

W J East & Co. Ltd., Hope Brewery, Milton Malsor, Northants by the Northampton Brewery Co. Ltd. (C p70; F p205).

C J Fisher & Co., Eye, Suffolk by Adnams & Co. Ltd., Southwold, Suffolk. (BI p38; F p102; Cp83).

Oliver Gosling, Bocking Brewery, Braintree, Essex by Greene King & Sons Ltd. (C p23; BI p159).

Thomas Norfolk & Sons Ltd., Deptford Brewery, with 55 pubs by Dartford Brewing Co. Ltd., Dartford, Kent (BI p125; C p57; F p181).

Spa Wells Brewery Co. Ltd., Park View Brewery, Bolton by James Jackson & Sons Ltd., Bolton (C p61; F p34).

Thomas Sharples brewery, Chorley, Lancashire with one beerhouse by Thos. Wilkins of Longton, Preston (BTR 1904 p404; C p48).

A T Sibeth, Crown Brewery, Fontwell Magna, Dorset with 21 pubs by Hall & Woodhouse Ltd., Blandford Forum, Dorset. (C p20 ;BI p164; F p107).

Walker & Son Ltd., Wellington Brewery, Gravesend, with 29 pubs by Charrington & Co. Ltd., London. (BTR 1904, p230; Cp45; BI p347; F p113).

Wright's Crown Brewery Co. Ltd., Market Drayton, Shropshire with 6 pubs by J Marston, Thompson & Son Ltd., Burton upon Trent, Staffs. ( BI p228; C p76; F p200).

The following breweries were purchased at auction:

Brass & Abbott, Lion Brewery, Kimpton, Herts., by George Chalkey for £2000. (BTR 1904 p320; C p40).

William Sadler Hall, Cranham Brewery, Painstock, nr. Gloucester, by Godsell & Sons, Stroud, for £13,800. (BTR 1904 p405; C p30).

John Kelland (deceased), London Brewery, Kingsbridge, Devon, with 11 pubs by Bedford Brewery (Plymouth) Ltd. (BTR 1904 p230; C p17; BI p245; F p146).

The Wheatsheaf Brewery, Twickenham for £4000, owner and buyer unknown. (BTR 1904 p320).

Francis Alexander White, Stourmouth Brewery, nr Wingham, Kent, with 11 pubs and a malthouse, by Flint & Sons Ltd., Canterbury. (BTR 1904 p320; Cp46, BI p142; F p297).

1954   T. Losco Bradley Ltd, Midland Brewery, Nottingham by James Shipstone & Sons Ltd, Nottingham. (BI p77, p295; C p72; F p223).

J. W. Brockbank & Sons, Bank Springs Brewery, Kirkstanton, Cumberland, by Mathew Brown & Co Ltd., Blackburn. (BTR 1954 p694; C p14; BI p84; F p150).

Camwal Ltd, an old-established (1877) mineral water manufacturer by Barclay Perkins. (BG Sept 1954 p94).

Campbell Praed & Co Ltd., Praed's Brewery, Wellingborough by P Phipps & Co Ltd., Northampton. (BTR 1954 p285; C p71; BI p84; F p331).

Dale & Co. Ltd, Gwydir Brewery, Cambridge, by Whitbread & Co. Ltd. (BG July 1954 p2; C p6; BI p124).

Robert Deuchar Ltd., Duddingston Brewery, Edinburgh, with 360 pubs by Newcastle Breweries Ltd. (BG Feb 1954 p9; Cp90; BI p127; F p368).

Flower & Sons Ltd, Stratford-on-Avon, with 350 pubs by J W Green Ltd, Luton; the company changed its name to Flowers Breweries Ltd. (BTR 1954 p284; C p92; BI p143; F p298).

Duncan Gilmore & Co Ltd., Dixon Lane Brewery, Sheffield, with 148 pubs in the Sheffield area and 350 pubs and the Windsor Brewery in Liverpool, by Joshua Tetley & Sons Ltd., Leeds. (BTR 1954 p147; BG 1954 p57; Cp104; BI p154; Fp274).

Great Northern Brewery Ltd., Dundalk, by Smithwick & Sons Ltd., St Francis Abbey Brewery, Kilkenny. (BG May 1954 p4).John Hair & Sons, Old Brewery, Melbourne, Derbyshire, with one pub by Offilers' Brewery Ltd. Derby. (BG May 1954 p2; Cp16, BI p259; F p202).

Henty & Constable Ltd., Westgate Brewery, Chichester, by Watney, Combe, Reid & Co. Ltd., London, following the death of R I Henty (BTR 1954 p694; BG Oct 1954 p 103; C p88; BI p174; F p65). Watney's subsequently sold on about 120 of Henty & Constable's 253 pubs to Friary Holroyd & Healy's Breweries Ltd. (BG Nov 1954 p12).

John J Hunt Ltd., Ebor Brewery, York with 102 pubs by Cameron & Co. Ltd., Hartlepool (C p103, F p360).

Kemp Town Brewery, Brighton, Ltd., by Charrington & Co. Ltd. (BG June 1954 p101; C p87; BI p 201; F p44).

Kirkstall Brewery, Leeds, sold by Dutton's Blackburn Brewery Ltd., to Whitbread & Co. Ltd. (BG Jan 1954 p99; C p107).

Robert Knox (Cambus), Ltd., Forth Brewery, Cambus, Alloa, by Blair & Co. (Alloa) Ltd. (BG Sept 1954 p28; Cp9; BI p74; F p364).

Geo. Mackay & Co. Ltd., St Leonard's Brewery, Edinburgh by Gordon & Blair(1923) Ltd., Craigwell Brewery, Edinburgh (BG June 1954 p2; Cp60; BI p220).

Mappin's Brewery Ltd., Masbro' Old Brewery, Rotherham, by William Stones Ltd., Sheffield. (BTR 1954 p694; BG Oct 1954 p12; C p104; BI p227; F p263).

National Breweries Ltd., (Dow Brewery Ltd.) Montreal, by Canadian Breweries Ltd., Toronto (BM 1957 p337)

Octagon Brewery Ltd., Plymouth, by H & G Simmonds Ltd., Reading. (BTR 1954 p882; BG Dec 1954 p4; C p18; BI p258; F p236).


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