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Brewery History: Issue 194

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Danes downunder: an exploration of some Danish
contributions to the brewing industry in Australia
and New Zealand

B.J. Stubbs
pp. 2-20
British brewers in North America — George
Weatherall Smith

M. Cornell
pp. 21-28
An outline of beers and brewing in British Malaya:
1827-1957. Part II

G. Gillman
pp. 29-39
The mysterious non-alcoholic porter of L'viv
P. Dyer
pp. 40-45
"Our lager pleases their tastes:" beer at
international expositions, 1873-1900

D. Hoverson
pp. 46-68
Book review[Download PDF]

Globalization in a Glass: The Rise of
Pilsner Beer through Technology, Taste
and Empire

By M.F. Purinton