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Brewery History: Issue 171

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The Star Brewery, Pruson's Island, Wapping
P. Sinclair
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pp. 2-22
Lager beer: its manufacture and consumption
in the United States

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pp. 23-27
Mona Brewery, Llanfachraeth, Anglesey:
further information

G. Stone
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pp. 28-44
The Crown, Lambeth, 1784-1870: urban development,
social practice, and the material culture of a
nineteenth century public house. Part II

M. Copps
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pp. 45-73
Book reviews [Download PDF]

Masters of Craft: Old Jobs in the
New Urban Economy

By R. Ocejo

20th Century Pub: From Beer House
to Booze Bunker

By J. Boak & R. Bailey

Drunks: An American History
By C.M. Finan