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Brewery History: Issue 169

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The Crown, Lambeth, 1784-1870: urban
development, social practice, and the
material culture of a nineteenth
century public house. Part I

M. Copps
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pp. 2-30
Warminster Maltings, Pound Street, Warminster
S. Bates
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pp. 31-35
The arc of American musty ale
G. Gillman
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pp. 36-59
The Allied Brewery Traders Association's
visit to Germany, 1945

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pp. 60-65
Pre-prohibition porter
P.C. Jones & M. Stein
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pp. 66-72
Further notes on the essence of gruit:
an alternative view

R. Mulder
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pp. 73-76
Book reviews

Brewing local: American-grown beer
By S. Hieronymous

Brewing revolution: pioneering the
craft beer movement

By A.W. McCoy

Empire of booze: British history
through the bottom of a glass

By H. Jeffreys

Ghost signs of Bath
By A. Swift & K. Elliott
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