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Brewery History: Issue 166

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Worrying about drink
D.M. Fahey
pp. 2-19
A Czech influence on Belgian brewing
E. Rail
pp. 20-27
Thomas Hurman, maltster
M. Miles
pp. 28-49
A note on the essence of gruit
F. Ruis
pp. 50-53
Marston, Thompson & Evershed:
the early years

E. Fower
pp. 54-63
A German view of British and Irish beer (1810):
with a note on the Liverpool Porter Brewery

P. Dyer
pp. 64-69
Recreating 'Imperial Extra Double Stout'
M. Jenner
pp. 70-73
Writing brewing history
R. Wilson
pp. 50-53
Book reviews

Drinking in Deal: beer, pubs and temperance in an
East Kent town 1830-1914

By A. Sargent

Victorian and Edwardian British
industrial architecture

By L. Pearson
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