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Brewery History: Issue 165

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A short history of spruce beer in Britain
M. Cornell
pp. 2-14
The Spring Valley Brewery in Yokohama
pp. 15-18
A little known, mid-16th century description
of the production of English Ale by
John Caius

H. Funk
pp. 19-29
Andrew Wales: Alexandria's first brewer
G. Peck
pp. 30-50
The industrialisation of the London
brewing trade: Part III

A. Pryor
pp. 51-80
Book reviews

A history of drink and the English, 1500-2000
By P. Jennings

A history of drinking: the Scottish pub since 1700
By A. Cooke

Drink and culture in nineteenth-century Ireland:
the alcohol trade and the politics of the
Irish public house

By B. Kabel
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