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Brewery History: Issue 163

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The IPA shipwreck and the 'Night of the
Big Wind'

M. Cornell
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pp. 2-6
A visit to an Arab brewery
J. Death
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pp. 7-10
Brauerei Spezial: a photo essay
T. Holt
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pp. 11-18
Doomed to failure? The history of brewing
in Aldershot

R. Deason
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pp. 19-29
England's first beer brewers, 1418-1480
V. Mead & R. Simons
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pp. 30-35
Breweries of early Kalamazoo, 1837-1915
K. Howard
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pp. 66-75
The industrialisation of the London
brewing trade: part II

A. Pryor
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pp. 56-83