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Brewery History: Issue 162

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'Moneys unreceived': attempts to tax the brewing
trade in London and its environs before the
excise ordinance of 1643

J.R. Krenzke
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pp. 2-14
Peter Mauldon - a life in brewing
I.S. Hornsey
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pp. 15-36
Lager beer: a trip through the breweries of Williamsburgh
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pp. 37-40
Tadeas Hajek's De Cervisia: a sixteenth century
treatise on the brewing of beer with hops

H. Funk
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pp. 41-55
The Orval brewery: a photo essay
E. Wray
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pp. 56-65
Samuel Pepys and the decline of brewing in the late seventeenth century
R. Unger
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pp. 66-75
Book reviews

Devon Pubs: a Pictorial Retrospective
By Andrew Swift & Kirsten Elliott

Women drinking out in Britain since
the early twentieth century

By David W. Gutzke

Brewing Champions: A History of the
International Brewing Awards

By Adrian Tierney-Jones

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