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Brewery History: Issue 159

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The Ellis Breweries at Helston and Hayle
C. MacKenzie
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pp. 2-30
The Washington Brewery at Navy Yard
G. Peck
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pp. 31-43
The Donnington Brewery: A photo essay
E. Wray
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pp. 44-54
Liquid bread: An examination of the American
brewing industry, 1865 to 1940. Part III

M. Stack
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pp. 55-97
Jack's Abby: A photo essay
T. Holt
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pp. 98-104
Book reviews [Download PDF]

Ontario Beer: The heady history of brewing
the Great Lakes to Hudson Bay

By Alan McLeod & Jordan St. John

The Shepherds and Shepherd Neame Brewery,
Faversham, Kent, 1732-1875

The Emergence of Shepherd Neame from the
earliest days of brewing in Faversham, Kent,

Percy Beale Neame and the Shepherd Neame
Brewery, Faversham, 1836-1913

By John Owen