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Brewery History: Issue 156

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A short history of beer in Hong Kong
M. Cornell
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pp. 2-32
Benjamin Dawson & Company:
brewers of Kirkstall, Leeds

J. Gardiner
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pp. 33-45
The Dutch at New Netherlands
C. Gravina and A. McLeod
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pp. 46-50
Devon white ale
A. Swift
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pp. 51-61
German brewing Industry - Part II
J.H. Porter, A. Clark Doull, J. Todd,
F.E. Lorenz, G. Osgood & L.R.Bishop
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pp. 62-84
Book reviews [Download PDF]

Pubs and Patriots: The Drink Crisis in Britain
during World War One

By Robert Duncan

The Red Lion Brewery: Hoare & Co.
By Victoria Hutchings

pp. 85-87