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Brewery History: Issue 154

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Starkey, Knight & Ford
J. Boak & R. Bailey
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pp. 2-4
A day at the brewery
G. Dodd
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pp. 5-16
A pint of the past: assessing authenticity in modern
versions of ancient and historic ales

G. Schwartz
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pp. 17-30
Beer in Paris (Translated by P. Dyer)
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pp. 31
Liquid bread: an examination of the American
brewing industry, 1865 to 1940. Part I

M. Stack
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pp. 32-78
The Old Dairy Brewery, Rolvenden, Kent:
a photo essay

E. Wray
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pp. 79-82
Book reviews [Download PDF]

Brewing Science, Technology and Print, 1700-1880
By James Sumner

The Audacity of Hops: The History of America's
Craft Beer Revolution
By Tom Acitelli

Brewers and Distillers by Profession: A history of
the Institute of Brewing & Distilling

By Ray Anderson

The Diary of Mary Hardy 1773-1809, Volumes I-IV
Edited by Margaret Bird
pp. 83-90