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Brewery History: Issue 150

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Introduction: Developments in the brewing, retail
and consumption of alcohol in early modern England

M. Hailwood and D. Toner
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pp. 2-5
The Citie Calls for Beere: the introduction of hops
and the foundation of industrial brewing in early
modern London

K.D. Burton
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pp. 6-15
A Contested Character: the female publican
in early modern England and France

M. Jackson
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pp. 16-27
'Discords have arisen and brotherly love decreased':
the spatial and material contexts of the guild feast
in early modern London

J. Kilburn-Toppin
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pp. 28-38
'It Puts Good Reason into Brains': popular
understandings of the effects of alcohol
in seventeenth-century England

M. Hailwood
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pp. 39-53