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Brewery History: Issue 144

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Three generations of 18th century London brewers
C.G. Clark
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pp. 2-12
Gone but not forgotten: the breweries of
North-West England - Furness

R. Fitton
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pp. 13-32
Contending liquors: how ale and beer remained
separate drinks for hundreds of years longer
than generally accepted

M. Cornell
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pp. 33-40
Fifty years on: Hall & Woodhouse Ltd,
1945 - 1995. Part II

F. Pike
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pp. 41-56
Shillingford Brewery: Some notes deduced from the
Brewing Book of Mr Tom Skurray 1888 - 1889

S. Capel-Davies
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pp. 57-64
Some named brewhouses in early London
M. Brown
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pp. 65-109
The Old Forge Brewery
K. Severs
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p. 110-115