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Brewery History: Issue 142

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Not in Barnard: the Northgate Brewery, Bath
M. Bone
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pp. 2-15
Missoula and beer: a history
A. Sakariassen
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pp. 16-27
Fifty years on: Hall & Woodhouse Ltd, 1945 - 1995. Part I
F. Pike
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pp. 28-64
Mona Brewery, Llanfachraeth, Isle of Anglesey,
North Wales (1836 - 1901)

G. Stone
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pp. 65-75
Olutsilta-Ollesild ry: a Finnish beer club
T. Teponoja
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pp. 76-78
Local brewery renaissance: A social history of small
breweries in the Ozarks. Part III

J.L. George
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pp. 79-91