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Brewery History: Issue 139

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This issue of Brewery History is dedicated to the most significant
writer on beer there has been, Michael Jackson. With an introduction
by the winner of the first Michael Jackson Gold Tankard for Beer Writer
of the Year, Pete Brown, it contains nine articles by some of the most
renowned commentators on beer today. From both sides of the Atlantic the
contributors provide an informative, sometimes moving and often funny
insight into the importance of Michael Jackson's life and work.
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P. Brown
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pp. 2-5
The World Guide to Beer
J. Evans
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pp. 6-11
Michael Jackson and beer styles
M. Cornell
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pp. 12-18
Michael Jackson and world beers
T. Webb
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pp. 19-24
The taste of beer
Z. Avery
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pp. 25-31
Michael Jackson and beer writing
R. Protz
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pp. 32-36
Michael Jackson: Father of the craft brewing
renaissance in America

C. Smagalski
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pp. 37-59
On the road with the Beer Hunter
J. Richards
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pp. 60-73
Michael Jackson: the personal view of a brewer
J. Keeling
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pp. 74-77
Beer writing and new media
M. Dredge
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pp. 78-86