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Burge & Co. Ltd. 49 Victoria Street, Windsor

by Pat Saunders

Burge and Company limited formed in 1920; the predecessor company was that of R.B. Shipley. From 1928 until 1931, the Chairman was Col. Vernon H.F. Dickens. At the 8th Ordinary General Meeting, Mr J.F. Crisp was introduced and elected as a director, he also remained until 1931. The other director was Mr. D. H. Ashby who stayed with the company until his resignation in June 1929. At this meeting in 1928 the death of Sir A.E. Shipley at Cambridge in September 1927 was reported – he was a Brother to our Old Chairman, and although not actually attached to the Brewery, he took a great deal of interest in it.

Family tree:

Family tree

The minutes of the director's meetings up to November 1931 record the everyday running and business of the company. At the Brewery the Head Brewer was G.H. Glover. In 1929 following the resignation of Mr. Ashby, Mr. Glover was given sole direction of the brewing (his salary in 1928 was increased to £400 p.a.). Mr Glover's assistant brewer was B. Machen appointed in July 1929 on a three-month trial with a salary of £150 p.a. (increased to £175 p.a. in April 1930). In October 1930 Mr Machen went to Whitbread's for a month's trial and while he was away Mr Glover received his salary. It seems that Mr Machen didn't remain with Burge, as in March 1931, H.J. Green was the new assistant brewer with a salary of £150 p.a.

The company's sales manager of the Wine & Spirit department was Mr D.H. Smith, in 1928 he was being paid a salary of £800 p.a. plus a 2 ½% commission on all sales. Following the resignation of Mr Ashby in 1929, Mr D.H. Smith was appointed Manager of the business with the exception of the brewing. In April 1930, Mr Smith was given a 5-year service agreement as Manager of Business on a salary of £1,200 plus travel expenses. He was then resident at “Godacon”, Winkfield Place, Windsor.

Burge & Co. Ltd. had a small subsidiary Motor Services business at Datchet. In April 1930 it was resolved to sell this business to a Private Limited Liability Company called ‘Datchet Motor Services Ltd’. The consideration was fixed at £200, consisting of 200 £1 Ordinary Shares fully paid up in satisfaction of the purchase price. Following the take-over of Burge & Co by Meux in 1931, the Datchet Motor Services Ltd was put into liquidation in December 1933. The investment of £100 and the indebtedness of £464-16s-10d to the company were written off against the reserve account.

In its comparatively short existence this subsidiary company had its registered office at the “Royal Stag” Hotel, Datchet. Its directors were Col. V. H. F. Dickins, Mr D. H. Ashby, Mr J.F. Crisp and Mr D.H. Smith with H.J. Harding as secretary. The capital was set at £500 and the business carried out motor repairs, as first described in March 1929. Motor vehicles it seems were somewhat unreliable in the 1920s. Burge & Co usually received large quantities of Ale Malt at Windsor Railway Station. Their main suppliers were Messrs W. J. Robinson & Co, Messrs Sanders & Co, J. Crisp & Son. The types of malt purchased were

Mild Ale @ 67/6 per quarter (1928); 66/- (1930) & 58/- (Dec '30)
Best Mild Ale @ 70/-
Algerian @ 60/- ;49/6 (1929)
Pale Ale @ 68/-
Californian @ 61/- (1929): 55/- & £2/12/- (1930) & 58/-
Best English @ 74/-
Best Pale Ale @ 74/- (1930)
Danish @ 58/-

The company's wages bill in 1928 was about £90 a week and by 1931 had increased to about £124 a week. In 1928 the company introduced a pension scheme for long serving employees. Those eligible to receive a pension needed to have completed at least 20 years service and be 60 years or over. For each year of service over 20 years an employee would receive 1 shilling, i.e.

20 years service to receive £1 a week
30 30/-
40 £2

This was covered by a Pension Fund invested in £2,000 War Loan stock in 1927, but in 1929 it was decided to bring this money back into the company. Messrs Collins, Tootell & Co of London audited the accounts each year. They resigned as auditors to the company in February 1932 following the take-over by Meux.

In 1928 at the General Meeting of 21 March, following the vote of thanks the staff were rewarded for their loyalty with a bonus of one week's wages. This bonus was absent from the vote of thanks at the General Meetings of 1929 and 1930. Also the declared dividends were reduced. In 1928 the dividend was 10%, but in 1929 it was 5% and 6 ½% in 1930. This is presumably due to the ‘Crash’ in 1929 followed by the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930s. It seems Burge and Co ran into financial difficulties, the meeting of 27th March 1931 records that the directors had negotiated an overdraft of £6,000 at 4 ½% day to day balances with the Westminster Bank using the deeds of the “Wheatsheaf” Old Windsor as security.

The builder W. Hartley had recently rebuilt the “Wheatsheaf” at a cost of £5,429-13s-5d. This was following an agreement between Berks. County Council and Burge for the acquisition of the “Wheatsheaf” and land at Old Windsor by the Council at a cost of £850 and the conveyance by them of a site for the erection of a new building for the purpose of a public house. The building on the old site was broken up by the company at their own expense who then retained the materials.

Burge Properties, 1928 – 1930, as described in Minutes: -

“Alma”, Windsor Internal decorations costing £32, July 1929
“Black Horse”, Dedworth (i) tenancy agreement, Sept. 1928 (under management)
(ii) tenancy agreement July 1930 let to W. S. Matlett at rent of £25 p.a.
“Bull”, Iver decorations & alterations costing £35, May 1929
“Dumb Bell Hotel” internal decorations costing £309-15s, March 1928
“Duke of Connaught”, Windsor tenancy agreement Sept. 1929 let to W. H. Matthews rent of £70 p.a.
“De Burgh Arms” West Drayton – leased from Great Western Railway Co for 21 years from 24 June 1930 at rent of £250 p.a. for 1st 7 years, £280 p.a. for 2nd 7 years and £320 p.a. for residue £11-10s for decorating, July 1930.
“Falcon”, Windsor tenancy agreement, Dec. 1928 Rent £50
“Green Man”, Wraysbury tenancy agreement, Dec. 1928 Rent £42; £352 for alterations & decorating April 1930
“Greyhound”, Upton tenancy agreement, Dec. 1928 Rent £60 £4-10s for painting & rewriting sign, July 1929 tenancy agreement July 1930 let to P. M. Kimber at rent of £65 p.a.
“Holly Tree”, Addlestone rehanging & painting doors at cost of £2-10s, April 1930
“Lord Raglan”, Windsor tenancy agreement, March 1929 Rent £63 £4-10s-6d for decorating a bedroom July 1929
“Merry Wives”, Windsor tenancy agreement Sept. 1928 Rent £98 £16-10s for repairs & painting July 1929
“Oxford Blue”, Old Windsor tenancy agreement Jan. 1929 rent £30
“Old Station Inn”, Taplow agreement with Great Western Railway Co April 1930, rent provisionally fixed at £110 p.a. pending rebuilding
“Prince Christian Hotel”, Kent - tenancy agreement Feb. 1928, rent £60 tenancy agreement May 1929, rent £83 £14-7s for redecorating, April 1930
“Prince of Wales”, Fifield agreement May 1928 Rent £20 ££69-12s for repairs & decorations, July 1928
“Prince of Wales”, Slough £6 for repairs & installing two new cisterns, July 1929
“Pineapple” & cottage, Dorning £1-16s-6d for new pump, Aug. 1929
“Queen's Head”, Bray £15-16s for plumbing, April 1930; tenancy agreement April 1930 let to P. R. Beard at rent of £26; £12-10s for refixing sign post, July 1930; tenancy agreement Nov. 1930 to F. Davies at rent of £45 plus Orchard at rent £12 p.a.
“Royal Stag” Hotel, Datchet lease 21 years from 29 Sept. 1929 at rent of £401 p.a.; July 1928 Customs entry under licence granted to Ernest Davis, Secretary to Burge & Co; March 1929, £700 added to leaseholds estates for outlay on “Royal Stag”; Nov. 1929, Management Agreement – E. W. Willey appointed manager on a salary of £156 p.a. with free board & lodging (including washing)
“Red Lion”, Oakley Green £66-7s-6d for repairs & decoration, July 1928
“Rose & Crown”, Slough £18-17s-6d for outside painting, July 1929; £7-7s-6d for installation of electric light, July 1930
“Royal Albert”, Windsor £4-12s for decorating, July 1929
“Ship Hotel”, Windsor bid to purchase at sale on 26 April 1928; bought for the sum of £3,450; tenancy agreement, July 1930 let to J. Wilson at rent of £70
“Stag & Hounds”, Iver Heath preparation of new lease April 1929. Lease 2 years from March 1929 at rent of £75 p.a.; costs, £144-18s-6d
“Stag”, Ascot £4-17s-6d for plumbing repairs Aug. 1929
“Seven Stars”, Blacknest £13-8s-6d for repairs & decorating, Nov. 1929
“Shepherd's Hut”, Eton Wick tenancy agreement April 1930 let to A. J. Colbourn at rent of £55 p.a. plus plot of land at rent £10
“Tower Arms”, Thorney Dec. 1928, Mr. Reginald Alfred Shiridan, 14 Gransden Road, Bedford Park W12 appointed manager at a salary of £156 p.a.; £25 to fix 3 radiators, Nov. 1929
“Trooper”, Windsor £17-2s for outside painting, July 1929
“Victoria Arms”, Windsor tenancy agreement, July 1928, rent £39-4s.
“Victory”, Eton purchase of freehold turned down Oct. 1928; £11-17s for outside painting July 1930
“Victoria”, Sunninghill £25, £17-10s & £1-10s for redecorating the interior & exterior painting & painting sign fascia Aug. 1929; £42 for new garage, Sept. 1929; Nov. 1929
F. D. Reynolds appointed manager of off-licence & stores on a salary of £156 p.a.
“Waterman Arms”, Eton new roof Jan. 1929 carried out May 1929 for £215
“Wheelwright's Arms” Stores Marlow, £119-10s-6d for alterations & repairs July 1929; Nov. 1929 Customs entry for obtaining Wine & Spirit Licence.
“Why not”, Windsor repairs & decorating for £14-12s-6d, Aug. 1929; £28 for exterior painting Nov. 1929.
“Wellington”, Windsor £279-10s & £312-10s for alterations, Nov. 1929; Nov. 1929 management agreement, A. Budd appointed manager at a salary of £156 with free board & lodging (including washing). £54-12s for new bathroom, April 1930.
“Wheatsheaf”, Old Windsor referred to above.

Burge & Co. Ltd. As a subsidiary of Meux Brewery Co, Ltd.

On 2nd November 1931, a meeting of Burge & Co was held at 80 Coleman Street, instead of at the Victoria Brewery. At this meeting the Burge directors Col. V.H.F. Dickens and Mr J.F. Crisp resigned following the election of Mr James Henry Stephens of Meux's Brewery Co Ltd, along with Lord Tweedmouth, Mr Robert Lewin Hunter and Mr Thomas Gilbert Scott also of Meux's Brewery. At the next meeting, the following day the Secretary of Burge, Mr Ernest Davis also resigned. In his place, Mr Martin Wisbey Wright was appointed. The minutes of the company tend to follow a formality that gives little indication of the day to day running. However it seems that it was quickly decided to close the Victoria Brewery at Windsor. In March 1932, Messrs MacDonald Swan & Co made an offer of £690 for the entire Brewing & Bottling Plant, and this was accepted. The freehold of the brewery premises were conveyed 28 May 1935 for £4,000 to Mr. Thomas Duggen. Burge's registered office was transferred to the Horseshoe Brewery, Nine Elms soon after the take over in November 1931.

In February 1932, an agreement was signed leasing all Burge's properties to Meux's Brewery Co. Ltd. Meux paid off the mortgages of the company, namely the Debentures, in 1934. This was brought about following a meeting of the Debenture holders on 9th March 1934, where a resolution was passed to reduce the interest on the Debentures from 6% to 4 ½%. A further resolution appointed Edward Cecil Durrant as a trustee, jointly with Mr. Edward Stilwell Freeland. The original Trust Deed was signed 29th March 1920. By 1934 the Debenture holders were: -

Col. V.W.F. Dickens (£5,000 Debentures), Mr E.C. Durrant (£5,000), Mrs E.C.F.M. Crisp (£500), Mr R.H. Pott (£1,200), Mr E.W. Kingdon (£6,700), Miss D.V. Shipley (£5,000), Miss Y.G.E. Shipley (£5,000), Mrs L.M. Stewart (£11,000) and Mr S.H. Thompson (£1,000), (Total £30,500). In July 1937 it was recorded that the issued debentures amounting to £55,500 having been redeemed on 30 June 1937, it was resolved that they should be cancelled.

In February 1960, following the merger between Meux's Brewery Co, Ltd., and Friary, Holroyd and Healey of Guildford to form the new company Friary Meux. Mr Jack Nelson Streynsham Hoskins Master of Woodbury, Sandhills, Witley, Surrey and Mr John Holden Elliot Guest of The Pines, Old Park Road, Enfield were elected directors to the board of Burge & Co. these two were present when a declaration of Solvency was made on 7th November 1961. The week following this, it was resolved to voluntarily wind up the company. The auditor Reginald Wallis Mason of 16 Buckingham Palace Gardens, London SW1 was appointed liquidator. The liquidation was completed the following year.

Properties, 1931 – 1961, as mentioned in Minutes: -

“Alma”, Windsor monopoly value of £480 paid in respect of full licence (April 1949)
“Black Horse”, Bedworth monopoly value of £750 paid in respect of full licence (May 1950)
“Duke of Connaught”, Windsor monopoly value of £900 paid in respect of full licence (April 1949)
“Green Man”, Wraybury strip of land for road widening dedicated to Bucks County Council (July 1933)
“Holly Tree”, Addlestone small piece of land (approx. 20 sq. yd) dedicated to Surrey County Council (May 1952)
“Lord Raglan”, Windsor tenancy agreement March 1931 rent increased from £63 to £75 p.a.
“Merry Wives”, Windsor lease for residue of 50 yrs from 25 March 1890 from E.C. Durrant at annual rent of £145
“Noah's Ark”, Windsor monopoly value of £2,900 paid in respect of full licence (April 1947)
“Old Station Inn”, Taplow lease from Great Western Railway Co (Nov. 1931) J. Griffin accepted as tenant (Dec. 1931) at rent of £60. £100 deposit as security. Licence Feb. 1947 to make alterations.
“Prince Alfred”, Egham monopoly value of £1,150 paid in respect of full licence (Sept. 1955)
“Prince of Wales”, Egham freehold piece of land at rear purchased for £50 (Feb. 1945)
“Prince of Wales”, Slough wave leave agreement to Borough of Slough to construct new sewer Sept. 1951
“Pineapple”, Dorney monopoly value of £630 paid in respect of full licence (May 1954)
“Queen's Arms”, Windsor agreement relating to a gutter with adjoining premises (June 1951)
“Royal Standard”, Windsor freehold piece of land adjoining purchased for £150 (Jan. 1947)
“Rose & Crown”, Slough monopoly value of £1,425 paid in respect of full licence (May 1950)
“Stag”, Ascot monopoly value of £700 paid in respect of full licence (June 1958)
“Shepherds Hut”, Eton Wick piece of land sold for £5 per foot frontage (Jan. 1938)
“Tower Arms”, Iver part of forecourt surrendered (Oct. 1936)
“Trooper”, Windsor monopoly value of £1,000 paid in respect of full licence (April 1951)
“Wheatsheaf”, Windsor Dec. 1931, waiver of a breach of convenants signed.

Properties de-licensed

“Queen's Arms”, Windsor sold February 1960 for £2,000
“Perseverance”, Windsor sold February 1960 for £1,600

Freehold Property Values

Resolved that the book value of the freehold properties owned by the Company which stood at £148,073 on 1st April 1961 should be increased to £202,182 and that the surplus of £54,109 which represents the excess of the original price paid for the shares over the book values of the net assets thereby acquired should be added to the balance on ‘Capital Reserve Account’ (18 Aug. 1961)


Appendix 1

Victoria Brewery, Windsor, conveyance of 30th March 1897

Freeholds: -

  1. VICTORIA BREWERY, with messuage or dwelling houses, yard & buildings, Victoria Street, Windsor
  2. QUEEN's ARMS beerhouse, Alexandra Road, Windsor
  3. Dwelling house, No. 46 Victoria Street, New Windsor
  4. Offices & stores, Victoria Brewery, No. 47 Victoria Street, Windsor
  5. Dwelling house, No. 48 Victoria Street, Windsor
  6. Wall behind Nos. 46, 47 & 48 Victoria Street, Windsor
  7. Land or garden, formerly belonging to No. 49 Victoria Street, Windsor
  8. Stabling, Alexandra Road, Windsor
  9. WELLINGTON pH No. 65 Peascod Street, Windsor
  10. PRINCE CHRISTIAN HOTEL & stabling, Kings Road, Windsor
  11. ROYAL ALBERT beerhouse, Peascod Street, Windsor
  12. WHY NOT beerhouse & stables, Oxford Road, Windsor
  13. BRITTANIA beerhouse & cottage, Keppel Street, New Windsor
  14. LORD RAGLAN pH & stable, Clewer, Windsor
  15. ROYAL STANDARD beerhouse, Spital, Windsor
  16. FAWN beerhouse & stabling, Spital, Windsor
  17. PRINCE OF WALES beerhouse, forge & garden, Fifield, Windsor
  18. RED LION beerhouse & cottage, Oakley Green, Bray
  19. BLACK HORSE beerhouse garden & pond, Dedworth Green, New Windsor
  20. BRICKMAKERS ARMS pH & stabling, Stoke Poges, Bucks
  21. PRINCE OF WALES pH & stables, Slough Road, Windsor
  22. CROWN pH & stables, Colnbrook, Iver, Bucks
  23. SEVEN STARS beerhouse stables & 3 cottages, Blacknest, Sunninghill
  24. THREE HORSE SHOES beerhouse & stables, Stanwell Moor
  25. VICTORIA off-licence beerhouse, Sunninghill
  26. THE PERSERVERANCE beerhouse & stabling, Clewer, New Windsor
  27. QUEEN's STAG HOUNDS pH stabling & cottage, Ascot
  28. QUEEN's ARMS beerhouse, Winkfield
  29. WHEATSHEAF pH Albert Road, Old Windsor
  30. PRINCE ALFRED beerhouse, Thorpe Lea, Egham, Surrey
  31. OXFORD BLUE beerhouse & cottage, Old Windsor
  32. DUMB BELL pH stabling & land (4 acres) Taplow, Bucks
  33. THEATRE DINING ROOMS beerhouse, No. 32 Thames Street, New Windsor
  34. THE GRAPES beerhouse, Eton Wick
  35. STAG beerhouse & stabling, Ascot
  36. THE RISE off-licence beerhouse, Sunninghill, Old Windsor
  37. TURLY HALL pH & stabling, Clewer, Windsor


  1. GREYHOUND pH & stabling, Upton cum Chalvery, Buck. Manor of Upton cum Chalvery, Alex Shipley admitted tenant 12th July 1884
  2. ROSE & CROWN beerhouse, Regents Place, High Street, Slough. Manor of Upton cum Chalvery, Alex Shipley admitted tenant 13 August 1891

Leaseholds:- term rent
40. BULL pH stabling & garden, Ivere 30 years from 29 Sept. 1881 £60
41. TOWER ARMS beerhouse, Thorney 30 “ “ 29 Sept. 1881 £40
42. CROWN pH & land, Burnham 20 “ “ Lady Day 1894 £70
43. DUKE OF KENT beerhouse & 3 cottages New Windsor “ “ Xmas 1892 £52
44. DUKE OF EDINBURGH pH, Clewer 21 “ “ 25 March 1890 £55
45. DUKE OF CONNAUGHT beerhouse Clewer 94 “ “ 29 Sept. 1890 £17-16s
& No. 1 Connought Villas 94 “ “ 29 Sept. 1890 £2-16s
46. GREEN MAN pH Wraysbury 21 “ “ Lady Day 1881 £40
47. HOLLY TREE pH Addlestone 21 “ “ Lady Day 1888 £116
48. KINGS ARMS pH Thames Side, Windsor 21 “ “ 29 Sept. 1887 £55
49. MERRY WIVES pH Windsor 50 “ “ Lady Day 1890 £145
50. NOAH's ARK beerhouse, Windsor 99 “ “ 24 June 1876 £18
51. NAPOLEAN III beerhouse, Clewer 21 “ “ 25 March 1880 £50
52. STAG & HOUNDS pH Iver Heath 21 “ “ 25 March 1880 £50
53. PRINCE OF WALES beerhouse, Egham 21 “ “ 29 Sept. 1894 £28
54. VICTORY beerhouse, Eton 21 “ “ 29 Sept. 1881 £50
55. House & shop, 19 Thames St, Windsor 14 “ “ 24 June 1895 £180
56. House & shop adj., Albert Brewery Windsor 48 “ “ 24 June 1872 £50
57. House & premises, 49 Victoria St Windsor 21 “ “ 24 June 1888 £23
58. Messuage, yard & premises, Victoria St “ 14 “ “ 25 Dec. 1892 £65
59. TROOPER beerhouse, Windsor Annual tenancy £43
60. FALCON pH & cottage, William St, Windsor “ “ £60
61. FLAGS beerhouse, Chalvey “ “ £27-10s
62. PINEAPPLE beerhouse, Dorney “ “ £23
63. ROSE, SHAMROCK & THISTLE beerhouse, Eton “ “ £30
64. St. GEORGE beerhouse, Peascod St, Windsor “ “ £25
65. VICTORIA beerhouse, Windsor “ “ £25
66. VANSITTART ARMS, beerhouse, Clewer “ “ £30
67. SHEPHERD's HUT beerhouse, Eton Wick “ “ £20
68. RAILWAY ARCH, Wandsworth Rd, London “ “ £44
69. 2 railway Arches, Windsor Monthly “ £25-5s
70. Meadow, No. 761 Tithe map, Colnbrook 2 yr. from 25 March 1887 etc
71. washhouse opposite ‘Britannia’ bH, Keppel St. 99 yr. from 29 Sept. 1824 £2
Appendix 2

Victoria Brewery, Windsor, conveyance & assignment 24th February 1923

Leaseholds:- Term Rent
51. DE BURGH ARMS, West Drayton 21 yr. from 24 June 1906 £200
52. DUKE OF CONNAUGHT beerhouse Clewer & No. 1 Connought Villas 94 “ “ 29 Sept. 1890 £17-16s
53 FALCON pH & cottage, William St, Windsor £80
54. FLAGS beerhouse, Chalvey Year tenancy £34
55. GREEN MAN pH Wraysbury 21 yr. from 24 June 1902 £80
56. JOLLY GARDENERS & 4 cottages Berkley Place, Old Windsor 30 “ “ 29 Sept. 1896 £95
57. KINGS ARMS pH Thames Side, Windsor 21 “ “ 25 March 1918 £114
58. MERRY WIVES pH Windsor 50 “ “ 25 March 1890 £145
59. NOAH's ARK beerhouse, Windsor 99 “ “ 24 June 1876 £18
60. OLD STATION & bungalow, Taplow 21 “ “ 25 March 1908 £60
61. ROYAL STAG, Datchet 21 “ “ 29 Sept. 1907 £171
62. SHIP INN, Windsor 21 “ “ 24 June 1911 £36
63. STAG & HOUNDS, Iver 14 “ “ 25 March 1915 £62-10s
64. VANSITTART ARMS, beerhouse, Clewer 21 “ “ 29 Sept. 1922 £65
65. VICTORIA beerhouse, Windsor 31 “ “ 25 March 1905 £38-15s
66. VICTORY, Eton 21 “ “ 24 June 1918 £50
67. WATERMAN's ARMS, Eton 21 “ “ 25 March 1917 £45
68. No. 55 Victoria Street, Windsor 21 “ “ 29 Sept. 1909 £26
69. stables at Slough Stores yearly tenancy
70. Railway Arches “ “



Norman Barber “Where have all the breweries gone?” pub. CAMRA states Burge & Co. Ltd, Victoria Brewery, Victoria St., founded by 1840. Private Company registered in 1920. Taken over by Meux's Brewery Co. Ltd. In October 1931.

The Sale of Burge's Brewery, Victoria Street, Windsor

Cessation of Brewing This Week

We announced some weeks ago that arrangements had been made for the sale of the whole of the Ordinary Shares in Burge's Brewery Ltd, Windsor, to Messrs Meux & Co Ltd, of the Horseshoe Brewery, Nine Elms, London. The completion of the sale was carried out on Monday of this week, when the brewery definitely passed into Messrs Meux's control. As a result of the change over, brewing has ceased, for the raison d'etre of the purchase is the acquisition of more houses for the disposal of the product of the Horseshoe Brewery.

It is certainly to be regretted that with the change, ceases the brewing of beer, a staple “export” of Windsor, for a period of certainly some hundreds of years. For it is a known fact that what was of recent times known as Noakes Brewery and previously as Nevile Reid's Brewery, was certainly in operation in the early part of the Stuart period. Modern conditions, however, are adverse to the continued existence of small breweries, and it has been obvious that absorption of all such into the larger concerns must soon be accomplished. The result of the purchase will, we understand, eventually be the entire closing down of the Victoria Street premises, as Messrs Burge's licensed houses, which number between fifty and sixty, will from an early date be supplied direct from Nine Elms.

From The Windsor, Slough and Eton Express 6th November 1931.


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