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Our quarterly Newsletter features news, articles and discussion topics about brewing and breweries. Each issue has regular updates from the Chairman, the BHS calendar, new members, new breweries, industry news, Mike Brown's meanderings, inquiries from researchers and an Out and About section featuring items of historical interest. Issues back to April 2017 are available in PDF format by clicking on the links below. Articles written by members are shown.

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Newsletter 101

Newsletter 101: June 2023

Featuring Shepherd Neame Brewery on the covers

  • BHS visit to Melbourn Bros All Saints Brewery at Stamford
  • The 2023 Coronation
    • Celebration ales from 1902, 1911 and 1937, Keith Osbourn
    • Harvey's Elizabethan Ale, Miles Jenner
    • Greene King in 1953 and some bottles from 1937, Susan Chisholm
  • Historical sources, archives and locations for brewing history, John Owen
  • The Big Six, Allied Breweries - Part 2, John Arguile
  • The Guinness Cuneo paintings, Edward Bourke
  • A piece board from Seed's Worksop Maltings, Amber Patrick
Newsletter 100

Newsletter 100: March 2023

Featuring Marstons Brewery on the covers

  • One hundred newsletters
  • The Big Six, Allied Breweries - Part 1, John Arguile
  • East Cornwall Steam Brewery, Philip Venning
  • 150 years of the Melbourn All Saints Brewery at Stamford - Part 2, Geoff Dye
  • Looking for the Wottons - Part 2, Peter Moynihan
  • Out of the past, news from 1973, Terry Hanstock
Newsletter 99

Newsletter 99: December 2022

The covers feature John Smith's Tadcaster Brewery

  • Ken Smith's East End walk, Edward Bourke
  • 150 years of Melbourn's All Saints Brewery, Stamford - Part 1, Geoff Dye
  • Breweries of Derbyshire, Shardlow's Cavendish Bridge and Trent, John Arguile
  • Dare's Brewery Birmingham, Steve James
  • Short lived story of Glucose Stout, Martyn Cornell
  • Ins and outs at the Eagle (Croydon) - Part 2, Peter Moynihan
  • Looking for the Wottons - Part 1 Peter Moynihan
  • J R Page's Malthouse at Baldock, Amber Patrick
Newsletter 98

Newsletter 98: September 2022

Featuring Jersey Brewery at Ann Street, St Helier on the covers

  • Annual General Meeting 2022 at Burton on Trent and minutes
  • Breweries of Derby, Offilers - Part 2, John Arguile
  • Darby's of West Bromwich, Steve James
  • West Kent Brewery, Beckenham, Peter Moynihan
  • Ins and Outs at the Eagle (Croydon) - Part 1, Peter Moynihan
  • Edward Fordham Flower, Martyn Cornell
  • Out of the past, news from 1922, Terry Hanstock
Newsletter 97

Newsletter 97: June 2022

Featuring J W Lees at Middleton Junction on the covers

  • Anyone fancy a Stingo?, Steve Baker
  • More about the Rudgards, Peter Moynihan
  • Breweries of Derby, Offilers - Part 1, John Arguile
  • Eltham Brewery, Greenwich, Peter Moynihan
  • Murphy's factory at Old Basford, formerly Prince of Wales Brewery, Basford Bystander
  • Malthouse at Morwellham, Cornwall, Amber Patrick
  • Unusual staff photograph from Mackeson at Hythe, Peter Moynihan
  • Guinness's narrow gauge railway in Dublin, Edward Bourke
Newsletter 96

Newsletter 96: March 2022

The covers feature T & R Theakston at Masham

  • 2020 audited accounts
  • Breweriana for the historian, Mike Peterson
  • Guinness Dublin main line siding, Edward Bourke
  • A solution to a zero carbon future may be hiding in the past, Tim O'Rourke
  • Out of the past, news from 1972, Terry Hanstock
  • Hewitts of Grimsby, Trevor Taylor
  • Funny the fuggling things you remember, Alan Greenwood
  • Breweries of Derby, Strettons, John Arguile
  • Malthouse No.4 in Weymouth, Amber Patrick
Newsletter 95

Newsletter 95: December 2021

Featuring Holdens of Woodsetton on the covers

  • Minutes of 2021 AGM
  • A Dorset exploration after the AGM, Jeff Sechiari
  • Courage's Alton railway - Part 2, Geoff Dye
  • Ind Coope Burton brewery damaged by fire, Paul Ambler
  • Brewing at Brickwoods, Bruce Awford
  • Breweries of Derby, Alton & Co, John Arguile
  • The excise gaugers, George Anderson
  • The magic of isinglass, Alan Greenwood
Newsletter 94

Newsletter 94: September 2021

Featuring Camerons of Hartlepool on the covers

  • Back o' the Walls - William Slater, Southampton, Geoff Carrington
  • The brewery railways of Alton - Part 1, Geoff Dye
  • A hop farmer remembers the pickers, Roger Putman
  • The story behind Dolphin Poole, Richard Pride
  • Breweries on the small screen, Terry Hanstock
  • Remember the Strainmaster?, Roger Putman
  • Social media is not just for trolls, Ken Smith
  • Bass maltings at Sleaford - Part 2, Amber Patrick
  • Oliver Griffin legacy, Bob and Jonny Stancill; Alastair Macleay
  • Out of the past - News from a hundred years ago - 1921, Terry Hanstock
Newsletter 93

Newsletter 93: June 2021

Featuring Hall & Woodhouse at Blandford Forum in 2001 on the covers

  • Creating on-line accessibility to brewing company archives, Harry White
  • The Dudley Brewery, David Radmore
  • An expensive bottle of beer - Arctic Ale, Mike Peterson
  • Hammertons and the Stockwell Brewery, John Sheridan
  • More about a London airport at Lullingstone, Ken Smith
  • Bread and toast ales, Alan Greenwood
  • Strong's Weyhill Brewery and Fair, Geoff Dye
  • Strong Suffolk ale and 5X, Susan Chisholm
  • Out of the past - 1971, Terry Hanstock
  • Bass Maltings at Sleaford, Amber Patrick
Newsletter 92

Newsletter 92: March 2021

Featuring Palmers Brewery at Bridport on the covers

  • The pub looks to the future, Bob Newton
  • Who was Julia Hanson, Ken Mantle
  • Captain Barrett's Brewhouse, Peter Moynihan
  • London Airport at Lulingstone, Ken Smith
  • Harman's Uxbridge Brewery, Geoff Dye
  • Reminiscences of Aston Cross, Colin McCrorie
Newsletter 91

Newsletter 91: December 2020

Featuring Hardy & Hanson, Kimberley Brewery in 2002 on the covers

  • Model railway brewery wagons, Jeff Sechiari
  • A small brewery near Southampton - Shirley Brewery, Geoff Carrington
  • Nuneaton Brewery, a rival to Burton on Trent?
  • Paines and John Bull Part 2, Alan Greenwood
  • Brewing in the blood - the Rudgard family Part 2, Peter Moynihan
  • Thomas Kirkland - a Birmingham maltster, Sandra Bates
  • Warwick & Richardson Maltings in danger, Amber Patrick
Newsletter 90

Newsletter 90: September 2020

The covers feature Wadworth's Brewery at Devizes in 2002

  • Brewer or bottler? V&A Heeley, Birmingham, Geoff Dye
  • Hart family of Quebec and an early beer recipe, Gary M Gillman
  • Brewing in the blood - the Rudgard family Part 1, Peter Moynihan
  • Paines at St Neots, part 1, Alan Greenwood
  • Crowleys vs the Port of London Authority, Geoff Dye
  • Tuckers Maltings and the Tamar Brewery, Amber Patrick
Newsletter 89

Newsletter 89: June 2020

The covers feature Highgate Brewery at Walsall in 2003

  • Chairman's address to virtual 2020 AGM
  • Tamar Brewery at Devonport, Geoff Dye
  • From sowing to drying - vertical integration in C18th, Margaret Bird
  • Audit ale returns to Cambridge, Keith Osbourne
  • Goat Maltings in Burton on Trent, Amber Patrick
Newsletter 88

Newsletter 88: March 2020

Featuring Robert Cain's Brewery (Liverpool) in 2003 on the covers, Newsletter 88 includes:

  • Photographic collection of old Charrington & Co pubs
  • Bass Corkers sampled
  • How to buy a fake on eBay: Guinness breweriana, Mike Peterson
  • The Great Guinness Advertising Art Mystery, David Hughes
  • Brain's brand new brewery, Roger Putman
  • A Hertfordshire mystery: Kings Walden Brewery, Keith Osbourne
  • Horwood and Gripper - Star Brewery, Queensland, South Africa, Geoff Dye
  • A round up of Malthouses in the news during 2019, Amber Patrick
Newsletter 87

Newsletter 87: December 2019

The covers feature Black Sheep at Masham in 2006

  • 150th anniversary of Ratcliff Ale
  • Report on visit to Windsor & Eton Brewery, Jeff Sechiari
  • Santa's Get out Claus: naming Christmas bottles, Mike Peterson
  • George Gale at Horndean, Alan Greenwood
  • Society for the Preservation of Beer from the Wood, John Dearing
  • Whitbread auction lot resurfaces: Mew Langton, David Dines
  • Early pneumatic maltings, Amber Patrick
Newsletter 86

Newsletter 86: September 2019

Featuring Batemans (Wainfleet) Brewery in 2002 on the covers, Newsletter 86 includes:

  • Reports on visits to Poland and Crisp Malt at Fakenham
  • News from the Isle of Wight
  • Cobden Bridge Brewery, Southampton, Geoff Dye
  • Years before his time, Alan Greenwood reminisces: Part 2
  • Maltings conversions in Cambridgeshire, Amber Patrick
  • Gallard and Saladin boxes, Roger Putman
Newsletter 85

Newsletter 85: June 2019

Featuring Bathams Brewery at Brierley Hill in 2005 on the covers, Newsletter 85 was our first full-colour issue

  • Chairman's address to 2019 AGM at Shepherd Neame
  • Manor Brewery, Alton, Edward Guinness
  • Bell Brewery at Woolston and William Garton, Geoff Dye
  • Industrial relations at Kent Brewery in Sydney Part 2, Roger Bussell
  • Years before his time, Alan Greenwood reminisces: Part 1
  • Millars One, Collett and Plough maltings, Amber Patrick
  • Eling Tide maltings, Robin Appel
Newsletter 84

Newsletter 84: March 2019

The covers feature Elgood at Wisbech in 2006

  • Report on visits to Timothy Taylor and Bowland
  • Hogs Back hop garden
  • Industrial relations at Kent Brewery in Sydney Part 1, Roger Bussell
  • Peach's Maltings at Langwith and Newark, Amber Patrick
  • The Deers Leap trademark - Mitchells & Butlers, Keith Osbourne
Newsletter 83

Newsletter 83: December 2018

The covers feature Thwaites at Blackburn in 2003

  • Report on BHS visit to Budapest
  • Report on Oxford walk
  • APPBG reaches 25, Paul Hegarty
  • Reflections on Wrekin Brewery, Dominic Pinto
  • History of Hartley Row Brewery, Hampshire, Geoff Dye
  • End of the line for Ind Coope's bottling stores, Ian Webster
  • Cask ale quality, Martyn Cornell
  • Beer of the future, Newsome Baxter, Northallerton
Newsletter 82

Newsletter 82: September 2018

Featuring Tuckers Maltings at Newton Abbot in 2010 on the covers

  • Report on a visit to Bowland Brewery
  • Chairman's address to the BHS AGM 2018
  • Tuckers Maltings to close, Amber Patrick
  • Report on a visit to Titanic Brewery
  • Minutes of 2018 AGM
Newsletter 81

Newsletter 81: June 2018

The covers feature Arkells at Swindon in 2001

  • Links between brewers and bankers Part 2, Alan Greenwood
  • More thoughts on Cooper, Peter Moynihan
  • Where are the beers of yesterday? Wrexham, Oliver Richardson
  • Reports on visits to Wrexham and Foolhardy Breweries
Newsletter 80

Newsletter 80: March 2018

Featuring Harveys at Lewes in 2004 on the covers

  • Cooper - a tale of two halves, Steve Baker
  • Links between brewers and bankers Part 1, Alan Greenwood
  • Report on meeting, John Robinson tells us about George Shaw
  • The odours of old Wem, Oliver Richardson
Newsletter 79

Newsletter 79: December 2017

The covers feature Hook Norton, Oxfordshire in 2002

  • Report on joint seminar with the British Guild of Beer Writers - 'Ingredients in Beer'
  • Table of BHS Journal content from issue 123 to 171
Newsletter 78

Newsletter 78: September 2017

Featuring Donnington Brewery on the front cover

  • Report on a visit to Czech Republic, Cernokostelecky Brewery
  • New faces, Miles Jenner and Susan Chisholm
  • Message on a bottle, Peter Dickenson
  • Report on a visit to Czech Republic, Prague and Plzen
  • Dublin demolitions, Eddie Bourke
  • Table of BHS Journal content from 1972 to issue 122
  • Robins Brewery at Hove, Eric Doré
Newsletter 77

Newsletter 77: July 2017

Featuring Felinfoel (Llanelli) Brewery on the front cover

  • Chairman's address to the BHS AGM 2017 and review of the year
  • Minutes of the BHS AGM 2017
  • When Flaxmill was a maltings, Stan Platt
Newsletter 76

Newsletter 76: April 2017

Featuring venerable wooden fermenters at Adnams in Southwold in 2001 on the front cover

  • St Austell's new brewery at Bath Ales, Roger Ryman
  • Story of Flag Porter, Mike Peterson
  • Breweries in Ireland in 1832, Eddie Bourke

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