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Brewery History: Issue 185

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William Humphrey Golding (1876-1952):
a brewer too late to the feast?

P. Moynihan
pp. 2-18
Breweries in Ethiopia and the politicisation of beer
G. Senishaw and U Röschenthaler
pp. 19-40
'Judicious control of the malt product':
Albert Mutz in coal country

W. Norton
pp. 41-52
The brewing industries in England and Holland,

R.W. Unger
pp. 53-65
The father and the famine: the twin disasters
wrecked Kerry's brewing industry

M. Cornell
pp. 66-71
Redruth and Newquay beers: a brewery that
refused to die

G. Dye
pp. 72-77
Book review [Download PDF]

Celis Beer: Born in Belgium,
Brewed in Texas

By J. Banas