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Brewery History: Issue 184

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An outline on beers and brewing in British Malaya:
1827-1957. Part I

G. Gillman
pp. 2-21
The brewing trade in north east England, 1869-1939.
Part I

B.R. Bennison
pp. 22-60
A short history of brewing in Hungary
P. Dyer
pp. 61-84
Book reviews [Download PDF]

Guinness's Bottlers' Labels 1870-1938
By D. Hughes

Pilsner: How the Beer of Kings Changed
the World

By T. Acitelli

Beer and Racism: How Beer Became White,
Why It Matters, and the Movements to
Change It

By N.G. Chapman & D.L. Brunsma

Brussels Beer City: Stories from Brussels'
Brewing Past

By E. Walsch

Vienna Lager
By A. Krennmair

Brewers and Breweries in Gosport
By P. Eley