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Brewery History: Issue 181

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Brewers, publicans and staff in late Victorian
and Edwardian licensed trade societies: Part II

D. Fahey
p. 2-17
The Menestheus 'floating brewery':
a history of the ship and brewery

G. Dye
pp. 18-30
The 1968 Colorado State University beer-in:
social justice, power, and beer

B. Neihart
pp. 31-42
Zatec, cradle of Saaz hops and landmark
of commercial hop cultivation

L. Alberts
pp. 43-50
The Llanfechell Brewery, Anglesey and
Jones & Lloyd Brewery, Mold: the
Brereton family involvement

G. Stone
pp. 51-73
Brewing beer in the Middle Ages (750-1500):
beer production and product differentiation
in medieval northern Germany. Part II

J.S. Nielsen
pp. 74-85
Book review [Download PDF]

The Drink That Made Wisconsin Famous:
Beer and Brewing in the Badger State

By D. Hoverson