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Brewery History: Issue 179

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Brewers, publicans, and staff in late Victorian and
Edwardian licensed trade societies: Part I

D. Fahey
p. 2-20
Quality first, quantity next: the early years of the
Olympia Brewing Company, 1896-1916

M. Ockerman
pp. 21-40
Brewing beer in the Middle Ages (750-1500): beer
production and product differentiation in
Medieval Northern Germany. Part I

J.S. Nielsen
pp. 41-62
The Portsmouth United Breweries Ltd 1896-1953
G. Dye
pp. 63-70
A brief history of brewing in Canada
G.G. Stewart
pp. 71-89
Book reviews [Download PDF]

A Brief History of Lager: 500 years of the world's
favourite beer

By M. Dredge

Brewed in the North: A history of Labatt's
By M.J. Bellamy

Guinness Down Under: The famous brew and the
family come to Australia and New Zealand

By R. Smith