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Brewery History: Issue 170

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Introduction: Drinking spaces and places
p. 2
Alehouses and good fellowship in early
modern England: an overview

M. Hailwood
pp. 3-6
Hush, whish and wabble shops, illicit spirits,
shebeens and bogus clubs: an introduction to
illigal drinking in nineteenth century
England and Wales

P. Jennings
pp. 7-21
The life and death of the interwar roadhouse
D.W. Gutzke
pp. 22-34
The Golden State of brewing: California's
economic and cultural influence in the
American brewing industry. Part I

E. Ortega
pp. 35-54
George Williamson, 19th century Cheshire brewer
C. Gutteridge
pp. 55-66
29th annual banquet of the Allied Brewery
Traders' Association

pp. 67-71
Book reviews

The Roadhouse Comes to Britain: Drinking, Driving and Dancing, 1925-1955
By D.W. Gutzke & M.J. Law

The Licensed City: Regulating Drink
in Liverpool 1830-1920

By D. Beckingham
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