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Brewery History: Issue 167

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Calling time on the Star Inn: a reassessment
of the origins of Romford Brewery

M. Abel
pp. 2-12
Report on the beer and brewing industries
of Bavaria

pp. 13-27
The foundations of a great American brewery: the early architecture of Anheuser-Busch
C. Naffziger
pp. 28-54
The industrialisation of the London
brewing trade: Part IV

A. Pryor
pp. 55-92
Book reviews

Hoptopia: A world of agriculture and
beer in Oregon's Willamette Valley

By P.A. Kopp

Beer of Broadway fame: the Piel family
and their Brooklyn Brewery

By A.W. McCoy

Felix Calvert & Company:
a capital brewing company

By P. Richardson
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