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Brewery History: Issue 164

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Supplying the beer: life on the road in
late-eighteenth century Norfolk

M. Bird
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pp. 2-32
The Moya Brewery murals: from Acme to Aztec
F. Cappelletti
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pp. 33-36
Breweries in the Isle of Man and the
amalgamation of 1899

P. Dyer
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pp. 37-48
Malt liquor: a history
K. Winship
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pp. 49-66
A manuscript malster's day book for the
malting season 1886/87: an assessment

P. Brookes
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pp. 67-74
Book reviews

London Brewed: a historical directory of the
commercial brewers of London from circa 1650

By M. Brown

Ind Coope & Samuel Allsopp Breweries:
the History of the Hand

By I. Webster
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