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Brewery History: Issue 161

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A draught of discontentment: national identity and
nostalgia in the Beerhouse Act of 1830

E. Tenbus
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pp. 2-9
The brewers and breweries of Blackford, Perthshire
F. Gibb and A. Sangster
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pp. 10-29
Report on the production and export of beer from Hamburg
Consul-General Ward
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pp. 30-34
The Falstaff Brewery, St. Louis
C. Naffziger
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pp. 35-50
The industrialisation of the London brewing trade:
Part I

A. Pryor
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pp. 51-90
Mona Brewery, Llanfachraeth, Anglesey: a 2015 visit
G. Crutcher
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pp. 91-97
Book review

Alehouses and Good Fellowship in
Early Modern England

By Mark Hailwood
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