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Brewery History: Issue 157

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Soames of Spalding
A. Cartwright
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pp. 2-15
Albany's breweries of the 1600s
C. Gravina and A. McLeod
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pp. 16-19
Consolidating the global brewery industry,

J. Christensen
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pp. 20-44
Physical and chemical characters of huff
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pp. 45-46
Liquid bread: an examination of the American
brewing industry, 1865 to 1940. Part II

M. Stack
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pp. 47-89
Book reviews [Download PDF]

Built to Brew: The history and heritage of the brewery
By Lynn Pearson

Brew Britannia: The Strange Rebirth of British Beer
By Jessica Boak & Ray Bailey

The Geography of Beer: Regions, Environment, and Societies
Edited by Mark Patterson & Nancy Hoalst-Pullen

Capital Beer: A heady history of brewing in Washington, D.C.
By Garrett Peck

Beer Trails: The Brewery in the Bohemian Forest
By Evan Rail

Iron Rails and Whisky Trails
By Ian Peaty

Pubs of Royal Leamington Spa - Two Centuries of History
By Allan Jennings, Martin Ellis & Tom Lewin

pp. 90-98
Geoffrey Ballard Essay Prize [Download PDF]
pp. 99-100