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Brewery History: Issue 148

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On 12 March 2011 the Brewery History Society organised
a day conference at the National Brewery Centre (formerly
the Bass Museum) in Burton-upon-Trent to mark the successful
completion of a project commissioned and funded by English
Heritage as part of its Historic Environment Enabling
Programme. The projects objectives were:

- to provide up to date information on all the operating
'historic breweries', generally pre-War II.
- to compile a comprehensive list of historic brewing
buildings identifying any plant of particular interest.
- to undertake a national assessment on the industry
identifying sites worthy of designation and those 'at risk'
- to explore avenues to provide a secure future for
photographic and drawn archives of the industry.

This special issue of Brewery History presents printed
versions of the main contributions to the event.
Copies of the issue may be ordered here


From grain to glass - English Heritage's role in
conserving the industrial heritage of beer

K. Falconer
[Download PDF]
pp. 2-5
The B.H.S. brewing industry survey: Methodology
and analysis

L. Pearson
[Download PDF]
pp. 5-15
Historic brewery excavations at the former Royal
Clarence Naval Victualling Yard in Gosport

H. Moore & C. Philpott
[Download PDF]
pp. 16-40
Burton's brewing heritage post-1984: Updating the
Victorian Society's report

M. James
[Download PDF]
pp. 41-80
The conservation of historic breweries
R. Lamb
[Download PDF]
pp. 81-92
After the 'The Last Drop': Some reflections on the
S.H.I.E.R. and the Burton conference

M. Bone
[Download PDF]
pp. 93-95