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Brewery History: Issue 146

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Guest Editorial
J. Sechiari
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p. 2
The decline and fall of the Big Six U.K. brewers
R. Anderson
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pp. 3-7
The Coggeshall isinglass factory, Essex
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pp. 8-13
Ale, beer, and a dead horse:
George Wigney's Cyclpaediae

P. Dyer
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pp. 14-15
Steaming into the Age of Rail and Pale Ale: John Labatt
and the transformation of Canadian Brewing,

M.J. Bellamy
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pp. 16-28
A social history of a Midland business: Flower and Sons
Brewery, 1870-1914. Part III

J. Reinarz
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pp. 29-81
Oliver Brewery, Baltimore
T. Holt
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pp. 82-86
'Alpha and omega'
P. Mathias
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pp. 87-88
Book reviews
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pp. 89-91