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Brewery History: Issue 134

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Toothless in Burton: A history of the Crescent Brewery,
Burton upon Trent and in particular its association with the Tooth family of Cranbrook, Kent and Sydney, Australia

P. Bayley
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pp. 2-49
Beer tourism USA: the New York Brewery Trail
M.J. LoPresti
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pp. 50-56
Peter Mathias's The Brewing Industry in England,
1700-1830 fifty years on

R.G. Wilson
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pp. 57-59
Young's Ram Brewery: a photographic essay
S. Lyne
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pp. 60-78
King William Brewery: St. Philips, Bristol 1856-1891
C. Postlethwaite
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pp. 79-86
Drink in Victorian Norwich: Part III
R. Donovan
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pp. 87-139
Brasserie Au Chateau, Lausanne, Switzerland
T. Holt
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pp. 140-146
Geoffrey P.S. Ballard, 1929 - 2009
J. Sechiari and W. Taylor
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pp. 147-151