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Brewery History: Issue 133

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Road, rail and water: the early history of
transport at Benskin's brewery

J. Irving
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pp. 2-17
Some evidence of drinking culture in ale ballads
J.A.R. Compton-Davey
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pp. 18-47
West Street Breweries: Bedminster, Bristol 1880-1882
C. Postlethwaite
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pp. 48-51
Bygone breweries: the remains of Chicago's once-large brewing industry
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pp. 52-68
Gauging: the art behind the slide rule
T. Martin
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pp. 69-86
Slottskallans Bryggeri, Uppsala, Sweden
T. Holt
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pp. 87-89
Moonstone Brewery, Burnley, Lancashire
C. Rawlinson
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pp. 90-95