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Brewery History: Issue 132

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The Canadian brewing industry's response
to prohibtion, 1874-1920

M.J. Bellamy
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pp. 2-17
Maitland patent mash tun
C. Postlethwaiteet al
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pp. 18-30
Death in the beer glass: the Manchester arsenic-in-
beer epidemic of 1900-1 and the long-term poisoning of beer

M. Copping
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pp. 31-57
Queen's College chancellor ale
T. Foster
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pp. 58-66
Drink in Victorian Norwich: Part II
R. Donovan
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pp. 67-133
Elveden Ales
I. Hornsey
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pp. 134-140
Book review: Hops and Glory: one man's search for
the beer that built the British Empire
, by Pete Brown

C. Marchbanks
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pp. 141-142
JBHS Bibliography
D.W. Gutzke
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p. 143