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Brewery History: Issue 131

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A Croydon brewery
H. Shaw
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pp. 2-18
Notes on pressure fermentation
G. Dye
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pp. 19-23
JBHS Bibliography
G.W. Gutzke
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pp. 24-25
Special themed supplement
Introduction: the Scandinavian brewing industry
S. Aanstad
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pp. 26-28
A small, global adventure: mapping Norwegian
beer exports in the 19th century

S. Aanstad
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pp. 29-50
Carlsberg: from exporter to an integrated
multinational enterprise

M.J. Iversen & A. Arnold
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pp. 51-62
Carlsberg and the Cartels
M.J. Iversen
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pp. 63-67
The pressure of new innervations on transnational
cartels and trade organisations: the tin can and the
increased competition beytween the Swedish and
Danish brewing industries since the 1950s

P. Sandberg
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pp. 68-85