The Geoffrey Ballard Essay Award

The essay prize is open to all those with a serious interest in the history of beer, brewing and related industries.

The winning entry is chosen using the journal's standard criteria for selection (i.e. excellence and interest to a wide audience) and will be published in the journal.

The award consists of:


Deadline for submission of an essay is 31 January 2015


The unpublished essay, based on original research, should fall within the remit of Brewery History, i.e. it should be concerned with the history of beer and/or its ingredients; histories of existing and/or closed breweries; research on associated industries (e.g. malting, hops, retailing, &c.); or studies into the social, political and economic impact of beer and/or the brewing industry.

Terms and conditions

The essay should be between 5 - 8000 words in length, including references. Relevant illustrations are encouraged although the journal is unable to reproduce any in colour. It is the authorís obligation to obtain permission to reproduce material if required.

Each article should contain the following in order:

All publications cited in the text should be referenced in the References section at the end of the essay. A complete reference should provide the reader with enough information to locate the article or book. Each book reference should contain as many of the following elements as possible:


Current Issue

Issue 159
(Autumn 2014)

Issue 159