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Former Home-Brew Pubs:
Defunct Brewery Livery

These are examples of former home-brew pubs which still display the brewer's livery.

19 August 2007

County Brewery Location Premises Description Contributors More Info?


Edward V Sewell - Ramsey Ramsey - Church Green Three Horse Shoes Three gables, each of which has a stone panel with a horseshoe emblem and a letter inside: 'E' 'S' and 'V'. The central panel also has the date 1891. Later to John Smith. SP 2004 .


Fred Jones - Railway Inn Brewery, Kington Kington - 22 Victoria Road Olde Tavern - formerly the Railway Inn Sign over the door: 'FRED JONES - WINES (LICENSED BREWER) SPIRITS'. Also a plaque each side of the entrance: 'BASS IN BOTTLE' and 'Worthington in Bottle'. SP 2004 .


Edward Sheldon - Ludlow Ludlow, Old Street Horse & Jockey A former home-brew house. Over the door, an old painted glass panel: 'EDWARD SHELDON - LICENSED BREWER'. SP 2004 .

West Midlands: Walsall

Homebrew Walsall, 9 Upper Green Lane White Horse Double bay-windowed frontage with old etched windows: 'WHITE HORSE ... HOME BREWED ALES'. 'Century' records this as a homebrew house in 1921. SP 2007 .

West Midlands: Sandwell

Arthur James Price - Lewisham Brewery, West Bromwich West Bromwich, 43 High Street Desi Junction (former Lewisham Hotel) On the top pediment, a panel with 'AJP' intertwined. This was more than a "home-brew" brewery, as there were about 30 tied houses. The brewery was acquired by Holder's in 1908; according to 'Century', the brewhouse at the rear of the pub survives. SP 2006 .

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